The Great Awakening 2011

The history of America is patterned with periods of social, political, economic, and religious turmoil.  Without fail, each century brought its own unique struggles.  Again without fail, each century brought its own great revival as God responded to the needs of His people. 

At the turn of the 18th Century, men like John & Charles Wesley and George Whitfield experienced personal transformations before leading a generation from mere nominal religious participation into what is now known as The Great Awakening.  This awakening was carried into the turn of the 19th Century by evangelists such as Jonathan Edwards, who preached of deeper intimacy, higher accountability, and the realities of eternal life or damnation. 

As these movements crossed the seas, the 20th Century began with a series of great revival movements.  Men like Evan Roberts led the great Welsh Revival – one that transformed society and entire professions.  Historical accounts tell us that mining work ceased for weeks after the workers were saved, stopped using profanity, and had to retrain pack animals to understand new commands.  As the movement spread, preachers like William Seymour led the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles and beyond.

Now just a few years into the 21st Century, our nation and profession is again facing multi-faceted crisis.  We desperately need revival, and I believe God has spoken.  My spirit is heavy with the promise of a new awakening.  Through personal renewal in this new year, the increasing connectedness of many great individuals and ministries, and a fervency to see God move in a new and powerful way, I believe God has promised a marked transformation in 2011.  I am committing to you to begin the new year with a season of fasting, intense prayer, and disciplined study of the Scriptures.  I need greater intimacy with Him, my family has need of provision and direction, and the “thin blue line” needs revival.

I am making plain my vision for the new year.  In coming days, I will speak further about this vision and how I believe it will be accomplished.  God is up to something!

Will you join me in this quest for renewal as God pours out His Spirit upon law enforcement and first responders (including dispatchers, support personnel, and the families of each)?  Will you join me in this intentional endeavor for The Great Awakening 2011?

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2 Responses to The Great Awakening 2011

  1. Cpl Lynn Floyd says:

    Standing side by side with the vision for 2011. Looking forward to seeing many officers and their families come to faith in Christ. Looking forward to seeing officers being more bold in their faith like never before. Praising God I’m covered!

  2. Ms. Terry M. Smith says:

    My prayers also go up with you to take a “S.T.A.N.D” for the Glory of God! For his word says and it is true….

    2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble (2Ch 6:37-39; Le 26:40-41 De 4:29-30) themseves and pray (Ac 9:11) and seek my face (Isa 45:19; La 3:40-41) and turn from (Pr 28:13; Isa 55: 6-7) their wicked ways, then I will hear (2Ch :27, 30, 39) from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land (Ps 60:2; Jer 8:22, 51:9)”

    May God continue blessing you & your family in this assigned endeavor.

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