I Heard a Siren for the First Time Today

This has been another difficult couple of weeks related to line-of-duty deaths.  Between June 14th-June 24th we had a brief time of peace.  Since that time, there have been nine (9) deaths.  Overall, there have been 94 LOD deaths – up 1% since last year, although gunfire deaths are up 19%.  Let’s continue to pray for God’s safety, train, and keep one another accountable.

I’m re-posting the following poem.  Every time I have sent it in an email, newsletter, or post I have received several comments about it.  It is powerful and truly God-inspired.

I heard a Siren for the first time today

I heard a Siren for the first time today
What made it different were my thoughts have changed
Over my life it was always the same, someone had an accident, committed a crime, or needed help in someway
It’s as if my eyes were opened, as I heard them say
“The man in blue died today.”

I heard a Siren for the first time today
Never will I hear it, in quite the same way
For when the sound pierces the air
My attention turns to offer a prayer
To protect the man answering a plea
From another asking, “Please come to me.”
My thoughts are for his safety, and family I pray.
I heard a Siren for the first time today.

Dedicated to the memory of Sergeant Timothy Chapin, Chattanooga Police Department who died in service on April 2, 2011, God truly blessed us with your presence.

Richard L. Cox, Sr
Reprinted with permission
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