L.A. Gang Member turned LEO Testifies of Healing and Redemption

Revolving Choices Book

This morning I heard one of the most powerful and moving testimonies of God’s grace.  Los Angeles gang member.  Two-time teen mom.  Contemplated abortion. Found hope.  I had the incredible pleasure of attending the FCPO Chattanooga, TN Chapter’s prayer breakfast.  The guest speaker was Cleveland, TN Police Officer and author Evie Lastra West.  She shared her life story, her journey from California to Tennessee, her entrance into law enforcement, and the book she wrote to recount the story.

If there is any doubt that God values life; if you have a heart for teen moms or those who have had or are contemplating abortion; if there is any question about how far-reaching the mercy and compassion of God is; if there is any fear that God can not save you, your child, or loved one; if you need encouragement, then this book is for you.

I won’t rewrite the book or tell the stories.  I couldn’t do them justice anyway.  Buy the book.  Buy two…or ten.  Give them away.  Donate them to your local pregnancy care center, or use this powerful resource however God opens the door.

For more information, visit the Revolving Choices website and the Revolving Choices Facebook Page.

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