“Stay Safe Out There” Infographic on Crime

Crime is an ever-present problem, whether it’s at home, or on the road.  As cops, we call that reality job security.  As sheepdogs, we’re reminded of our duty to stand in the gap, hunting wolves and protecting the sheep.  As spiritual warriors, we know that we are battling against spiritual evils and must be armed with weapons that are not carnal but mighty through God.

I recently came across this infographic, “Stay Safe Out There,” from www.Top-Criminal-Justice-Schools.net.  I found it very interesting both from the standpoint as a reminder of why we do what we do, and also as a way to help civilians protect themselves.  Perhaps you even have some tips you would like to add in the comments section below.  As a School Resource Officer, I often have the chance to teach my high school students, faculty, parents, and others about various subjects.  I will be using some of this information and visual in an upcoming presentation.

It’s focus is burglary, robbery, and vehicle theft, and the research is very insightful.  I encourage you to take a look at it, pass along the tips for safety, and most importantly, stay safe out there fellow warriors!

Source Credit:  Top Criminal Justice Schools is a free website that is all about criminal justice education and careers. The site ranks the top 10 best online criminal justice degree programs in the U.S., and it also provides recommendations for career advancement.

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1 Response to “Stay Safe Out There” Infographic on Crime

  1. Sam says:

    Hey…Thank You…This infographic is really useful

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