Law Enforcement in the Scriptures


Our ministry was contacted recently by someone who adamantly asserted that Christians cannot and must not serve in law enforcement or the military.  While this individual raised some valid questions that would have made for great discussion, ultimately we decided that the best response was no response.  The individual seemed very contentious, misrepresented the Scriptures, and obviously has a clear agenda against those serving in law enforcement.

There are several scriptural principles or examples that lend wisdom and direction to an appropriate response in these situations (which is, in some cases, no response), not the least of which was Jesus’ response to the religious leaders of the day and even Satan himself.

Nevertheless, this situation does create an opportunity to delve further into the Scriptures, study to show ourselves approved, and offer devotionals that might encourage and strengthen our brothers and sisters in law enforcement.

One great resource is found on the FCPO website under the “Resources” tab, found here and reposted below.  It lists both Old and New Testament passages where the role, service, office, or type of law enforcement officers is found either implicitly or explicitly.  Our encouragement is that you would use this resource as a devotional to research this calling under which we operate.  Also, visit the FCPO website and consider entering into Christian fellowship with others serving in the Criminal Justice system by joining or leading a local chapter in your area.


Genesis 3:24 – Police of Eden – Cherubim – Awesome police with weapons (better than a “Glock”).

Genesis 4:8 – First Homicide – Cain and Able

Genesis 34:2 – First rape case – Dinah daughter of Jacob

Genesis 37:20 – First Conspiracy to commit murder – Joseph’s brothers

Genesis 37:24 – First Jail – Joseph in cistern

Genesis 37:31 – Forensics – Blood stained coat

Genesis 37:36, 39; 40:3,7; 41:9 – Potiphar – Top Cop – captain of the Guard – Prison Warden; Chief Executioner

Genesis 39:20 – Prison – Potiphar’s home

Genesis 40 – Cupbearer – Secret Service – Test the food and provide security

Genesis 42:17, 24 – House arrest

Exodus 6:8 – Raise your right hand in court

Numbers 13 – Undercover work – Joshua & Caleb

Joshua 2:1 – Undercover work – Spies to search out Jericho

1 Samuel 22:14 – David – Special protection – bodyguard to Saul

1 Samuel 26:15 – Abner as a personal bodyguard

1 Samuel 28:2 – bodyguard to Philistine King Achish – David

1 Kings 10:5 – Secret Service – Cupbearers to Solomon

2 Kings 1:9 – Leadership Management – Police sent to take Elijah into custody

2 Kings 11:4-12 – Security force, Secret Service, White House Division – Temple police, bodyguards – guarding the Temple – Religious police

1 Chronicles 18:17 – Benaiah – David’s bodyguard

Nehemiah 1:11 – Secret Service – Leadership Management

Nehemiah 4:9 – Shift work

Nehemiah 7:1-3 – Police protections for a city – Gates, gatekeepers, duty, citadel, Police Chief Hananiah

Job 24:1-4, 13-17 – Criminals

Psalms 44:6-8 – Protection not in weapons

Psalms 101 – A Police Officers Prayer

Proverbs 29:2 – Results of righteousness among police (authority)

Isaiah 9:7 – Justice and righteousness belong to together

Isaiah 33:15-16 – Godly police Motto

Isaiah 56:10-12 – Lazy and blind police

Isaiah 62:6 – Watchmen on your walls

Jeremiah 40 – Good officer – Nebuzaradan

Ezekiel 9:1 – Heavenly Police – Spiritual realm – guardian angels over cities, nations & individual people

Ezekiel 10:12 – Cherubim – Heavenly police

Ezekiel 28:14-19 – Satan was a heavenly guardian Cherub but was fired for being a bad cop

Ezekiel 33:2 – Watchman – Police guarding a city

Daniel 2:17 – Arioch – commander of the Kings guard – good officer

Daniel 3:2 – Sheriffs

Amos 2:6-8 – Corruption and criminal activity

Amos 5:7, 10, 12 – Those opposed to justice and righteousness, perjury, bribes

Amos 5:15 – Justice and the court system – (hate evil, love good)

Amos 6:12 – Justice into poison, righteousness into bitterness

Micah 6:8 – good Police Motto – (Justice, Mercy, Godliness)

Zechariah 9:11 – Jail (waterless pit – cisterns)



Matthew 8:5-13; Luke 7:1-10 – Centurion of Capernaum – Jesus healed servant

Matthew 27:54; Luke 23:47 – Centurion at the cross

Matthew 27:65 – Police at tomb

Mark 15:16 – Military police from the Palace

Luke 3:14 – Honest Police

Luke 22:52 – Temple Police

John 7:45 – Temple Police

John 18:12 – Military Police

Acts 4:1 – Military Police over the temple – (Captain)

Acts 9:2 – Special Deputy – Saul

Acts 10 – Chief of Police – Cornelius

Acts 16:22-30 – Jailer, (corrections) – The jailer, a cop, asks the most important question in the Bible

Acts 16:35 – Court officers

Acts 17:9 – Bonding practice

Acts 17:31 – Jesus as the Supreme Judge

Acts 21:31 – Riot Police – Military Police

Acts 24:1 – Lawyer – Tertullus – bought and paid for

Acts 24:22 – Claudius Lysias – Police Commander in charge of Jerusalem

Acts 25:3 – Festus in charge of the police – both civilian and military

Acts 27:1-3 – Julius the Marshall – Imperial Regiment

Acts 28:16 – Paul’s house arrest

2 Corinthians 10:4 – Heavenly weapons available to Christian police

Ephesians 6:10-20 – Protective gear

Philippians 1:12 – Corrections Officer guarding Paul – Palace Police

Philippians 4:21 – Palace personnel, Palace police among them

Revelation 20:1 – Angelic Police arrest Satan and detain

Also in this series: Being Sensitive to the Spirit: Why Policing Needs the Prophetic Voice of Christian Cops

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3 Responses to Law Enforcement in the Scriptures

  1. thecenturionministry says:

    Can I post this in an upcoming newsletter?   In HIS Strength & Power,

    M.C. Williams   Police Lieutenant, Criminal Investigator & Chaplain  Director, The Centurion Law Enforcement Ministry — National Board VP, Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers —   For he [police officer] is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he [police officer] does not bear the sword in vain; for he [police officer] is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.  Romans 13:4   


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