Transforming Our Culture in the Power of the Holy Spirit (Audio Sermon) | FCPO Conference 2014

Transforming Culture

On Saturday, October 18, 2014, I had the privilege of speaking at the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers USA National Conference in Chattanooga, TN.  Listen to the message that burdened my heart for our profession, and an outline is below.


As I studied this story in Acts 3-5, God spoke to me in a powerful way that the three (3) groups of people found in this story represent the 3 groups of Christians and types of churches in our culture today.

If we are going to participate in the transformation of lives, and thereby the transformation of our culture, we must decide to which group we will belong.

1. The Lame Man

– He had no strength to stand

– He was a fixture in the community

– He was a beggar

– He was eager to receive, but had nothing to give

– Other than asking alms, he had nothing to say.

2. The Religious Leaders

– They dress and act the part

– They could quote the Scripture

– They were concerned with preserving political influence

– They were obsessed with their position of power

– They, too, were fixtures in the community

– They are oftentimes condemning and judgmental

– They have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof

3. Spirit-Empowered Believers

– They walked in anointing and power

– They were connected to the source

– They had authority and boldness

– They transformed lives and shook the culture of the day

– They operated in the miraculous

– They were out to make a difference, not a name for themselves

– They did not engage in power struggles

– They simply pointed back to Jesus

There are at least 3 characteristics that stand out about these believers:

1. They spent time with Jesus.

2. They were connected to the source of the power – the Holy Spirit.

3. They had boldness to proclaim the Gospel.


My call to action for everyone who hears this message is that we would commit ourselves to being Holy Spirit empowered believers that bring about transformation to the lives of everyone we encounter.

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