Brian Blumenburg

The following poems were written by Brian Blumenberg, a veteran Field Training Officer with the Chattanooga Police Department.  His poems reflect not only his giftedness, but also his passion for Jesus Christ.  Please enjoy these poems and spread the word.  To reprint or reproduce them in any form, please first obtain permission from Brian by contacting him at


Your Guarantee

What is this that I hear
A gift of life that is so dear
I heard it spoken only by some
A Savior who paid their ransom
But how can I get this gift that is free
When I’m a wretched sinner who isn’t worthy
Then I heard that my mouth must proclaim
That Jesus can cleanse my shame
I will keep these words close to my heart
And my life with Christ is about to start
I now have the gift, so here I go
Into the water of the unknown
I was put under the water
And came up in the arms of a new owner
A new person and no longer a slave
Because my Savior conquered the grave
For God has made a promise and a guarantee
That we are a purchased possession for His glory
When he comes back to save each of us
There will be no more darkness
We will be paid in full when we finally see
The risen Savior who is forever worthy


Valued Possession

When you feel your life is falling apart
And you have nowhere to start
You have tried things that aren’t right
You are led by darkness that rules the night
What if someone showed you today
To live life in a new way
Releasing the darkness out of sight
With Jesus Christ who is the Light
What would you do for a $100 bill
If it was a penny would you do it still
Let not a price be put on you
Overcome evil for what is true
I want you to see what you are worth
An immense value given at birth
Worth more than anything He did create
His love for you is so great
Don’t think that someone has more worth than you
God see’s each one with the same value
Jesus gave us all the same free gift
His return is near and it will be swift
Accept Him now and it will be yours
Heaven will be waiting to open its doors
Jesus knows you are His most valuable possession
Jesus’ love has power, just look at the resurrection!



I can see a storm coming over the horizon
And the sun is no longer shining
It is coming fast I can see it clear
Anchored to Christ I shall have no fear
And now the storm is here
Consuming all of my atmosphere
Shaking my world that surrounds me
With Christ I will not need to worry
His hands of protection are all around
As the storms passes with a mighty sound
For this storm surely did pass
With Christ these storms never last
When I am in the midst of the storm
This will show how well I perform
It will seem like I’m tossed to and fro
But Christ will raise me up and be my hero
For God lets me go through the storm
Helping me get stronger and to be transformed
I will come out more refined
And molded into the image of the Divine
Since I decided to sign over the deed
I gave my Savior the chance lead
The deed was signed in red
From Jesus blood that was shed
Since I was bought at a price
I have been given life through Jesus Christ
I can see my Jesus coming over the horizon
And His light is forever shining
He is coming fast I can see it clear
Anchored to Christ He will soon reappear


The Undefeated

The Unseen
God, the undefeated sits upon His throne
Telling His Son to bring His children home
My house is now ready to open its gates
Bring Me the chosen few before it’s too late
Jesus gathers up His army for battle
Ready to destroy the army of the devil
He has more warriors than anyone could dream
Coming to save those who are going to be redeemed
The Seen
As I looked up in the sky
I couldn’t believe my eyes
I heard a noise that I have never heard
And I saw His army coming downward
The earth trembled like never before
As my knees hit the floor
My body was weak at His mighty presence
As I saw Jesus coming back for vengeance
He came out of sight
Like a thief in the night
He stood upon a cloud
And His voice was fierce and loud
He demanded the earth to give back all who died
All those who preached Jesus Christ was alive
He then said stand up and be transformed
Come and get out of my storm
Evil will be forever done
Come and be with the Son
And I saw Jesus full of grace
And His light was upon my face
Giving praises to the King
All His children began to sing
Jesus Christ is here
Jesus your love is so sincere
Jesus Christ is here
Jesus your love is so sincere
Then the Undefeated comes back for wrath
Getting rid of all evil at last
Evil will rise up and take a stand
But will be wiped out by His mighty Hand
For the remnants of evil will be found
As ashes amongst the ground
And my God shall forever reign
And we will have no more pain
He is my deliverer and my reward
No other beast will ever defeat my LORD


Freedom to Fly

We are born with our own wings to fly
Not using them we just standby
When our faith isn’t strong enough
That leap of faith is just too tough
When our wings finally take to the air
We can fly almost anywhere
But we all stumble and fall into a trap
Unseen to us it is a deathtrap
Being captive in this space
We want out of this horrible place
We run into things dazed and confused
We are left battered and bruised
Desperately wanting to get out
We scream and we shout
We look up to see a single window
Showing us the way to go
We begin to take flight
As we head to the light
Since we cannot get out alone
God’s love is fixing to be shown
He forces the window to open
And sin’s grip is broken
He lets His light enter the room
As darkness loses its vacuum
We spread your wings and begin to fly
Through the window and into the sky
We exit what darkness had built up all around
And enter into the light where freedom is found
Soaring high up in the sky
We now have freedom to fly


Three Men in White

I was stranded all alone in an open land
All I saw was the blue sky and the hot desert sand
I then saw four people standing off in the distance
I began to run their way in hope of assistance
Hoping they would know their way around
I yelled out but my voice did not make a sound
I got close enough to see three men in white
But the fourth was not so bright
I walked up quietly so that I could hear
The debate that seemed so dear
I heard them call out my name
And discussed all my guilt and shame
Then the dark turned my way and said come and join my team
But the One in white said you can be redeemed
The dark replied, you are going to have to die
Because you cheat, steal murder and even lie
Then the One in white said you’re sins I would like to buy
I was stunned because I didn’t know why
Amazed by this gracious gift I began to cry
Then the One held out his hands
Scared from a symbol that still stands
Accepting this gift that was not mine
I knew this love was Holy and divine
The dark vanished out of sight
As my God devoured darkness with His mighty light!

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