Support Covered

Founded in 2010, Covered Law Enforcement is a ministry birthed out of a passion for law enforcement and the desire to minister the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ to those in the profession.  As with any ministry, we covet your support in three strategic ways.

1. Prayer – We need those who will commit to daily prayer for those in the profession.  Such a unique culture requires a unique covering, but God is more than able to protect, provide for, and establish His love in the hearts of men and women throughout the United States and beyond.

2. Promote – We believe that the Spirit of God inspired the logo and design concept around which the Covered LE ministry centers.  We need to get the word out about the ministry, and we need to “brand” everything in sight.  The more visible Covered LE becomes, the more opportunities there are to share the message of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Tell someone about the ministry, give him or her the web address, and buy products for personal use and as gifts.

3. Provide – While God is the Provider, He uses us as vessels through which He channels resources.  We need your donations in any amount to help propel the ministry, purchase resources (brochures, Bibles, promotional materials, study resources, etc), and fulfill the vision to become the universally recognized symbol of Christian law enforcement professionals.  Covered Law Enforcement is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  All gifts to this ministry are tax deductible.  You may donate online by clicking the link below, or by mailing checks and money orders.  Please contact us for more information.