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Did you know that rates of suicide, divorce, financial crisis, and stress related disorders are 2-3 times higher in the law enforcement profession than the national averages?  Founded by a Chattanooga, Tennessee police officer and ordained minister, Covered Law Enforcement is a non-profit Christian ministry organization that is reaching out to the needs of the profession.

The question of involvement in the ministry of Covered Law Enforcement often arises in two forms:

  1. “I’m not in law enforcement.  Can I be involved with this ministry?”
  2. “How can I get my local church or business involved in this powerful ministry?”

The answer to the first question is a resounding, “Absolutely!”  If you have a passion for lost souls, then you are qualified.  If you have concern for the spiritual, physical, emotional, and overall well-being of individuals and families within your community, then you are the perfect partner for this ministry.  Covered Law Enforcement will serve as your liaison into this subculture of law enforcement (LE) professionals, equip you to reach those within your community, and even provide training as to understanding the culture and being most effective in your efforts.

There are many benefits to reaching the LE community.  The most obvious are the spiritual blessings received from evangelizing the lost and discipling believers into the Kingdom of God.  Covered Law Enforcement is truly a “home / urban mission”  ministry that is on the front lines of our communities.  As officers are saved and equipped for ministry, they in turn become urban missionaries who daily confront evil and a sin-plagued society.  Imagine an army of Christian LE professionals taking the streets of your community and ministering God’s love, grace, and salvation to drug addicts and dealers, gang members, prostitutes, victims, and even offenders – many times while they are a “captive audience” in the back of a patrol car!  Most of these individuals rarely come to our churches and would otherwise have very little hope of hearing the message of Jesus Christ.

There are many other benefits to reaching the LE community.  Churches and businesses act as liaisons to connect the community to those serving in the community.  Partnering with Covered Law Enforcement and your local LE agencies will improve police-community relations, facilitate pro-active policing, and even reduce crime.  For research and more information on this topic, consult Byron Johnson’s book More God, Less Crime.

Your local church or business can be involved in the following ways:

  • Pray daily for officers, their families, and Covered Law Enforcement.
  • Be visible and verbal in your support of the LE community.
    • Offer words of encouragement and support to officers in the field.
    • Stand up / speak up in support of officers as matters arise in the community
    • Host a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD) at your church.  Covered Law Enforcement founder Jonathan Parker can speak or serve as an advisor for this service, provide resources and gifts for officers, and establish on-going support to your church.  Honor those present, partner with us in the distribution of Bibles, and host a dinner – all with “no strings attached.”
    • Place Covered Law Enforcement ministry materials in your bookstore or welcome center.  The ministry brochure serves as a profession-relevant witnessing tract that leads officers in the plan of salvation.  There are other suggested books and materials that will aid in ministry to the profession.
    • Partner with Covered Law Enforcement to finance, promote, and host seminars that target those serving in the profession and address core issues faced in the community such as financial management or marriage enrichment.
  • Show online support by adding links to www.CoveredLawEnforcement.org, www.facebook.com/CoveredLawEnforcement, and becoming a fan of the page.
  • Purchase, display, and “gift” Covered Law Enforcement products – proven to be some of the most effective witnessing / evangelism tools in reaching the profession.  They will open doors for sharing your faith.
  • Pursue police chaplaincy training and certification through the International Conference of Police Chaplains or the Church of God Chaplains Commission.

There are many other ways to be involved and reach your community with the life saving message of Jesus Christ.  Please contact us today for more information or to partner with Covered Law Enforcement.

Email:  CoveredLawEnforcement@gmail.com


P.O. Box 4533
Cleveland, TN 37320-4533

4 Responses to Local Churches

  1. Great Ministry! I just found you through Facebook and of course am now a fan. I am former Law Enforcement and am now Anglican Clergy in the greater St Louis region. I would like to work with you on Officer outreach programs and perhaps convince some of our other churches to work in this as well. We have several fb ministries where we could promote this program also.

    • Thank you for your contact, service in LE, and ministry! We would very much like to work together to reach officers for Jesus Christ! Will be in touch via email to discuss this further. Blessings!

  2. Peter f. Rivera says:

    Amen! Hope that you will extend in the Philippines the CLE, I work with men in uniform since 1988, How can I be a member in CLE?

    • Greetings Peter! There is no membership in Covered Law Enforcement other than being a follower of Jesus Christ who is serving in law enforcement. Thank you for connecting with us. Feel free to email us, and we would be happy to mail some resources to you!

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