Experience Salvation

Getting saved, accepting Christ, being born again…and many other phrases are used to speak of becoming a Christian.  So what exactly is “salvation” anyway?

The Bible is a story of God and His love for humanity.  It begins with God walking through the Garden of Eden every night with Adam and Eve.  When they sinned (you know…the “eating the apple thing”), God’s sadness is sensed when He comes looking for them and they are hiding.  Sin (any action or offense in violation of God’s law and precepts) leads to separation from God and the relationship He desires with us.

Salvation is much more than a one-time prayer or an escape from Hell.  God’s Son Jesus died for our sins so that there would be no more separation.  God wants us to experience His love, grace, protection, and friendship on a daily basis – just like the relationship He had with Adam and Eve.

Salvation is an experience, a journey, a relationship with God that begins by asking Him to forgive our sins so that there is no more separation.  The journey begins in this life and continues into eternity…Heaven for those who are in relationship with God and Hell for those who choose to remain separated.

To begin this relationship with God – to experience salvation – say a prayer like the one that follows (communicate with God by confessing the Lord Jesus and expressing your belief that God raised Jesus from the dead after He died on the Cross for our sins according to Romans 10:9) and then get connected with another Christian who can help you on this new journey.  Don’t forget to contact us to let us know!

Father God, I know that I have sinned and I believe your Son Jesus died for my sins.  I ask you to forgive me and remove the separation between us.  Help me to live each day in a way that does not offend you in this new relationship.  Amen!