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They Missed Christmas – Chaplain Bill Wolfe encourages us not to miss CHRIST in Christmas this year

They Missed Christmas – a guest blog post courtesy of Chaplain Bill Wolfe, Llano County Sheriff’s Department (TX). I was just thinking about the things going wrong in our country and across the world, and some words from an old, old Larry … Continue reading

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Have You Totally Surrendered Your Heart and Life to God? – 5 Characteristics of the Unrepentant Sinner from the Story of Pharaoh in Exodus 7-11

This morning I taught our couples’ Sunday School class what was perhaps one of the most pointed lessons I have ever taught.  Over the past year, my lessons have looked deep into Scripture to determine the marks or characteristics of authentic Christianity.  … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Revival? – National Peace Officer’s Appreciation Week: October 2-6, 2013

For the past few years, I have had the incredible privilege of getting to know some amazing men and women who are leaders both in law enforcement and in the Christian faith.  It seems that God has truly brought us … Continue reading

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Easter and the Alamo – Thoughts and History by LE Chaplain Bill Wolfe

(Well, now that Easter has come and gone, I’ll get around to posting my Easter message.  I’m sure this won’t mean as much to those of you who are not Texans as those who are, but perhaps you’ve seen The … Continue reading

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The Significance of Being Covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ, and the Ministry of Covered Law Enforcement

“Next, Moses took some of the anointing oil and some of the blood that was on the altar, and he sprinkled them on Aaron and his clothing and on his sons and their clothing. In this way, he made Aaron … Continue reading

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